YPC Frequently Asked Questions


You are eligible for a free bankroll if you do not have an existing account of any kind at that poker site. In addition, there are some countries that are not eligible for the free bankroll offer. Each site has a different list of banned countries. Check the review page of the offer for specific details.

Also, we can only accept one free bankroll offer per poker site, per household. This includes family members, roommates and friends that share the same computer. Once a household requests a free bankroll, any other requests from that household (for that poker site) will be declined.

No, you are only eligible for one free bankroll per poker site. However, it is possible to receive a free bankroll at all of the sites that we offer.

If you have an existing account at a poker site, you are not eligible for the free bankroll offer. You should not create another account at that site in an attempt to receive the free bankroll. If you do create another account, the poker site will flag your account and your request will be declined.

Furthermore, if you have an existing account, you may be ineligible for our other free bankroll offers. Creating multiple accounts is considered bonus abuse. Due to the nature of this bonus, we must take a strict policy against bonus abuse.

You should start playing right away. Furthermore, after 60 days of receiving your free bankroll if you have not started playing YPC reserves the right to have the free bankroll removed from your account.
No, you cannot use your free bankroll in the casino. If you play in the casino with your free bankroll and lose it, you will be ineligible for any of our other free bankroll offers.

It depends. If you forgot to use our bonus code or made a simple mistake during signup, your other requests will be processed.

Your other requests will be declined if:

  • You create multiple YPC accounts in an attempt to receive multiple free bankrolls at the same site.
  • You have an existing real money account and attempt to receive the free bankroll on a new account at that site.
  • Your player activity is deemed to be bonus abuse.
  • You attempt to abuse our free bankroll offer at any site.
There is a small time delay. The poker sites require that we wait 5 days between processing multiple requests. You should take advantage of this 5 day window to play the Minimum Activity Requirement to become eligible for the next offer. Once the 5 days has elapsed, we will begin to process your next bankroll request.

Photo ID Verification

All IDs must be government issued and the handwritten code must be placed next to the actual ID.

If your photo ID is deemed invalid, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

  • The photo ID does not contain your birth date.
  • The photo ID is unreadable.
  • The photo ID is not in the image uploaded.
  • The photo ID is a student ID.
  • The photo ID is a copy, not an original ID.
  • The ID code is not in the image uploaded.
  • The ID code is not handwritten.
  • The ID code was digitally placed next to the ID.

If you receive an email notifying you that your ID is invalid, click on the link in the yellow 'notices' box at the top of the YPC homepage for more instructions on re-uploading your ID.

There are two reasons that YPC asks for your ID:

  1. We use the ID to confirm that you are old enough to play poker. All the sites that we offer require players to be at least 18 years old.
  2. We also use the ID to confirm that you are the person you say you are, and that you are not attempting to receive extra free bankrolls.

YPC does not share or sell any of the information that is provided to us. If you do not want to share other personal information, like ID and social security numbers, please feel free to cover that information.

We verify IDs only when you have requested a bankroll. If you have uploaded your ID and have not requested a bankroll, we will not approve your ID.

Minimum Activity Requirement

If you request multiple free bankrolls, the Minimum Activity Requirement is the amount time you must wait before a second request can be processed. We must wait 5 days before we can process subsequent bankrolls.

Raked Hands

No, you do not earn raked hands while playing tournaments. You must play cash ring games to earn raked hands.
Unfortunately, you cannot see your raked hand total. YPC is happy to provide you with a raked hand total upon request. Please contact us in the Support tab to request your raked hand total.

Bankroll Restrictions

Some poker rooms require that you play at certain limits when you take advantage of the free bankroll offer. To view restrictions, please check out the review page of the specific offer.

Existing Accounts

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free bankrolls to players with existing accounts. Even if the existing account is a play money account or if you have never made a deposit on that account.
Due to our agreements with the poker sites, we cannot provide free bankrolls to players if a family member already has an account at that site.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a free bankroll at that site. Creating a new account with the YPC bonus code will give you more than one account at that poker site and we cannot offer free bankrolls to players with multiple accounts.

Cash Outs

It depends on the site and is usually based on a points requirement. See the poker review page for details on your offer.
You will not be able to cash out any amount from your bankroll until you meet the qualifications listed above.

Bankroll Status

When you request a bankroll, the button changes to "REQUESTED." It will stay this way until YPC begins processing your request. Once we begin processing a request it will say "PROCESSING" and it will stay that way until it is approved or declined by the poker site. Only one request will be in "PROCESSING" at a time. Your other requests will show "PENDING" and will be processed later in accordance with the MAR policy.

Please remember that bankrolls can take up to 8 business days to be fully processed and that we must wait 5 days between processing multiple requests.

When a bankroll is rejected by YPC or the site you have chosen, your status button will change to "DECLINED."

This usually happens when:

  • You have failed to use the YPC bonus code.
  • You are linked to another player in the YPC system.
  • You are linked to another player at the poker site you have selected.
  • You have requested a bankroll that is not available to players from your country.

There are other reasons for the "DECLINED" status. Sometimes you can correct the issue and still receive the bankroll.

Pending Bonus

Yes, many of the pending bonuses will expire. The expiration date is usually listed in the Cashier section of your account at the poker room. If you are not able to find an expiration date, please contact the support teams at the various sites and they will be able to provide you with more information.
YPC offers Initial Bonuses ranging from $10-$50 and Pending Bonuses ranging from $25-$140 depending on the site. The Initial Bonus is deposited directly into your account and is ready to use at the tables. The Pending Bonus is released by playing. Each site has a different requirement for releasing the bonus. This information is available on the poker room review page of the specific offer.


If you make a deposit before you receive the YPC bankroll, you will only be eligible for initial deposit from YPC. Making a deposit will not prevent you from being eligible for our bankroll.

If you have already received the Initial Bonus from YPC you will not qualify for first deposit bonuses at any site. However, you will still be able to use reload bonuses.

If you deposit before receiving the Initial Bonus from YPC, you can still use a first deposit bonus code, but this will affect the amount you receive from YPC, as you will no longer qualify for any of our Pending Bonuses.

You do not need to make a deposit to be eligible for any of our free bankroll offers. However, if you do not complete the MAR after receiving a bankroll, making a deposit is the fastest way to clear any remaining Minimum Activity Requirements.


YPC is unable to provide rakeback. Our YPC Challenge Race promotion is like rakeback as it rewards player based on how much they play. You cannot receive rakeback on any YPC free bankroll accounts.

If you are interested in receiving rakeback at a site where you have not requested a free bankroll, please contact RakeTracker.