Why YourPokerCash Must Verify Your Identity

John Mehaffey - January 25, 2012

At YourPokerCash, we understand your concern about sending us your photo ID. There are several reasons why we must request this. The first reason is due to the fact that all of our partner online poker rooms require their players to be at least 18 years of age. By asking players to prove their age, we prevent underage gambling which is one of the main concerns for all involved in the online poker industry as well as those that are concerned about online gaming.

We also can only accept free bankroll request from players that are in certain countries. Each poker room has their own policy about which countries they accept players from and which countries they will allow players to receive free bankrolls in. By checking your photo ID, we can guarantee to the poker room that we are sending them a qualified player.

There is also another important reason that we ask for photo ID. Just as you are looking to receive a free poker bankroll so are thousands of other players. While you are honest and only attempting to collect one free bankroll, some players are not so honest. These players will receive their first bankroll and lose it. If they failed to complete the play through requirement to receive a second bankroll, the players will sometimes create fictional names and make poker accounts with those names. The poker rooms consider that to be fraud.

Part of our agreement with the online poker rooms is to catch the players that attempt to cheat the system. By asking for a photo ID, we can prevent these types of players from cheating the online poker rooms and the free bankroll system. Without these types of checks and balances, it would be impossible to have free bankrolls at all as fraud would run rampant. This rampant fraud would not only hurt the poker rooms but the players too as it would allow unverified players into the game, ones that would have already cheated before ever sitting at the poker tables. Our player verification system helps keep the entire poker room secure.

We absolutely never use your information for anything other than to verify your identity. If there is a personal identifier number on your driver’s license feel free to block it out. We do not need this information. We need your name, address, country of residence, and date of birth. You are free to remove any other information from the scanned image of your photo ID.