Promoting Free Poker Bankrolls to Poker Players

Craig K. - November 27, 2012

An increasing number of poker rooms are realizing that a healthy supply of recreational players is a necessity to ensure the long term health of their poker room. Most poker rooms understand they need recreational players, but how are they addressing the problem?

While some poker rooms have instituted "anti-shark" policies that don't make anybody happy, others have gone to the source and simply found ways to market and appeal more effectively to recreational players. One way to do that is through Free Bankrolls.

New players want cheap and easy ways to play online poker and with over 200,000 free bankrolls given away to players in virtually every country since 2005, YPC has been pleased to meet the needs of players and poker rooms alike.

Free Bankrolls = A Winning Formula

Online poker rooms have put more focus on free bankroll sites like YPC because of its ability to supply a steady stream of new and recreational players. The concept is simple: Players get free money to try a poker room, and their bankroll either supplies them with cheap entertainment or a vehicle to start their online poker career.

As you might imagine, the concept of free poker money is extremely attractive to many players looking to try our beloved game without risking any of their funds. This is, of course, after they get beyond the "Free money? Too good to be true!" stage.

Opportunities for YPC Affiliates

The high demand for these free money offers presents a great opportunity for affiliates of YPC, who range from YPC members that refer a couple friends to the major affiliate with a polished, professional-looking website referring scores of players each month. Everyone is benefiting -- during October, we paid more in affiliate commissions than any other month in 2012.

We we would like you to get in on the action. ANYBODY can become an affiliate at YPC from the comfort of their own home and earn passive income. We would like to invite you to join us by promoting online poker's hottest product.

We currently pay commissions on six active and two legacy poker rooms -- up to $220 per player at EACH poker room your referrals join. Beginning in December, we will add yet another poker room to the program with the hugely popular Coral Poker offer. The qualifications to receive commissions are very low at many rooms, with some offers requiring only that your referral(s) be paid a bankroll or earn a single point.

What We Offer

YPC employs a team of experienced poker industry professionals who understand what online poker player want. This includes:

  • Free Bankrolls at 10 poker rooms, with offers geo-targeted in virtually every country
  • Unlimited Bankrolls at four poker rooms - not available anywhere else. More coming soon!
  • Upwards of $100,000 in Rake and Challenge Races each month
  • Exclusive Freerolls and additional exclusive promotions
  • Poker strategy, freeroll and poker room information

More Information

For full information on how the YPC affiliate program works, please refer to our Affiliate Page, which allows you to sign-up and view commissions. Upon signup you will be able to get links and referral codes as well as tips on marketing the product.

Please note that you do not need to submit ID if you simply wish to promote YPC but not receive a bankroll.


If you have questions about YPC and what it can provide your customers or friends, please contact Jordan and we would be happy to discuss your unique opportunities.