Titan Poker Grand Poker Battle

John Mehaffey - January 02, 2013

Titan Poker is offering a great winter promotion. The Grand Battle has a $130,000 prize pool and is exclusive to Titan Poker. The promotion runs between now and March 31st.

There are 13 weekly point races with $4000 in prizes for each race. There are three monthly races with $5000 in prizes for each race. There is also one race that covers the entire Grand Battle promotional time with a $57,000 prize pool. The top 100 players in each weekly race will earn points towards the master three month race. First prize in the master race is $10,000.

The top six players in each weekly race will play in a six handed jackpot sit and go. The winner of the sit and go will receive a $500 prize. Players that win consecutive jackpot sit and gos will receive $500 for each additional win. Two wins in a row would award a player $1500 (two $500 first prizes plus the $500 jackpot for winning two consecutive races) and winning three consecutive jackpots will award a player $2500 ($500 for each of the three wins plus $1000 in jackpot prizes).

This promotion is in addition to Titan Poker's unlimited bankrolls promotion. Earn free Titan Poker bankrolls over and over, even while simultaneously clearing a bonus and earning VIP prizes.

Getting Started

For more information on the Titan Poker bankroll offer and Titan Poker, please see our Titan Poker review.

Don't forget that Titan Poker is also part of the Affiliate Program, where you can earn $10 for each friend or player you refer! You receive the $10 commission as soon as the player receives the bankroll- no Affiliate Points required!