Ongame Network Merges Player Pools

John Mehaffey - January 18, 2013

The Ongame Network has reversed its earlier decision to create two sub networks. There had been two platforms that made up the Ongame Network since early 2012. There was the main network and then a second network that had special tables reserved just for players at Betfair, PAF and Betsson. These special tables have come to an end.

The reason for this change is due to the lower player counts related to the loss of bwin. The bwin poker room moved their players to the Party Network last month. This caused the Party Network’s traffic to spike, but it also caused Ongame’s traffic to drop by about one-third. The network has regained some of this traffic but it is still lagging its traffic counts from before the bwin move. Betfair’s announcement that they would leave Ongame by this summer appears to have been the final straw.

There are several Ongame Network skins that are offering some great promotions to help the network build its traffic. YourPokerCash has teamed up with RedKings, one of the most generous skins on the Ongame Network, to give you a $150 free Ongame Network bankroll. YPC players receive $25 of this immediately and another $125 is paid as a pending bonus.

In addition to the RedKings free bankroll, players will also receive some unique promotions. This includes the $60k in daily points races offered between now and February 28, the $10k MTT Challenge, $4k in weekly winners races, Cash Game King that gives a bonus to the biggest winner in a day and the RedKings bad beat. If you get dealt pocket red kings and lose you will receive $500. You even receive $300 for simply getting dealt the hand. As you can see there are plenty of reasons to play at RedKings.

Sign-Up To Red Kings Through YPC

Players signing up for Red Kings through YPC can take advantage of a $150 Free Bankroll if you are from one of 10+ eligible countries. If you are not from an eligible country, you still may participate in a sign-up bonus up to $2,500 as well as our exclusive monthly promotions ($6000 Challenge Race and $25 Daily Freerolls).