Titan Poker Cash Game Academy

John Mehaffey - March 19, 2013

Titan Poker is offering the Cash Game Academy promotion to all players at limits of $.10/$.20 and below. The promotion runs between now and April 15th. Players may win up to $150 through Cash Game Academy.

Players in a Diploma Point in one of three ways:

- Winning 300 hands at limits of $.01/$.02 or $.02/$.05
- Winning 200 hands at $.05/$.10
- Winning 150 hands at $.10/$.20
- Bonus Diploma Point for every five Diploma Points earned

The more hands you win the more Diploma Points you will earn. This means that you will need to play aggressively and try to pick up more pots through bluffs to earn more points. If you are comfortable then you can play more than one table to increase your chances of winning. Playing 6 max tables will also increase your chances of wining more pots. Heads up tables do not qualify for this promotion.

Getting Started

For more information on the Titan Poker bankroll offer and Titan Poker, please see our Titan Poker review.

Don't forget that Titan Poker is also part of the Affiliate Program, where you can earn $10 for each friend or player you refer! You receive the $10 commission as soon as the player receives the bankroll- no Affiliate Points required!