bwin Fast Forward Challenge

John Mehaffey - April 17, 2013

bwin is offering a great promotion for their new FastForward tables. These tables play at nearly four times the speed that regular tables play. They are available at No Limit Texas Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha. Each time you fold you will be taken to a new table with a new set of players. This removes the downtime between hands and creates an action packed online poker experience with each hand.

FastForward players that receive a bonus for twelve consecutive weeks will also receive an exclusive bonus from bwin. The standard weekly bonus is as follows:

Bwin Fast Forward
 Four days in a weekSeven days in a week
1 point per day$5 poker bonus$10 poker bonus
5 points per day$15 poker bonus$20 poker bonus
25 points per day$35 poker bonus$40 poker bonus
50 points per day $45 poker bonus$50 poker bonus
100 points per day$75 poker bonus$100 poker bonus

bwin Bankroll Details

bwin players are offered one of two bankrolls, $50 or $200. The bankroll that will be available to you will be based on your location:

$50 ($25/$25)

This bankroll is available to ALL countries EXCEPT those listed under $200 bankroll AND the following countries: Bulgaria, China, France, Greece, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Singapore, Turkey, United States

$200 ($10/$190)

This bankroll is available to the following countries: Belarus, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkmenistan Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

To cashout your bankroll, you must earn at least 500 Party Points. Please see the bwin free bankroll page for full details.

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Join bwin today by signing up through our bwin review and request a $50 or $200 bankroll depending on your location.