bwin $10,000 Giveaway Freeroll

Craig K. - May 15, 2013

bwin has something very special for their players this month -- $10,000 in Daily Giveaway freerolls. That is not a typo, folks. Through the end of May, bwin will award $10,000 in daily freerolls with very minimal requirements. bwin will offer $3,000 in freerolls with no requirement.

There is no better freeroll in online poker. Period.

See below for a full listing of events and the requirements to enter.

bwin Giveaway Freerolls
$1,000 Giveaway FreerollMon-Sat 06:00 (GMT +2)No requirement
$2,000 Giveaway FreerollĀ Mon-Sat 18:00 (GMT +2)No requirement
$5,000 Giveaway FreerollMon-Sat 21:00 (GMT +2)*Must earn 1 Poker Point 24 hours prior to start
$2,000 Giveaway FreerollMon-Sat 23:00 (GMT +2)No requirement
$10,000 Giveaway FreerollSun 20:00 (GMT +2)**Must earn 3 Poker Points during the week

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If you are not a member of bwin yet, be sure to make a $50 or $200 bankroll request today. YPC players may also received exclusive unlimited bankrolls paid in tournaments tickets each and every month.