Party Poker Launches New Software Upgrade

Craig K. - September 05, 2013

It's here - Party Poker's highly anticipated software release which includes tons of new features, an enhanced social experience and a new look and feel. Players can now download the software today and check out all the new upgrades!

Party Poker Software Details

There is a laundry list of new upgrades, features and enhancements to the new software but highlights include a new 1-click lobby, Achievements, Missions and a new Friends section.

1-Click Lobby: Want to get in a game quick? When you sign-in to Party Poker you will automatically be given a list of your favorite tournaments and cash games. Fully customizable, a single click can now bring you in your favorite games. If you like things the way they were, Party Poker still offers the "Classic View" that you are familiar with.

Missions: Party Poker is attempting to make playing online poker more fun with "Missions." Party Poker will now given you a variety of targets for you to challenge yourself to improve your poker game. If you accept a Mission, you will be able to monitor your progress and even earn rewards once a Mission has been completed.

Achievements: Whenever you win a big hand or take down a big tournament score, you probably like to tell your friends. With Achievements, Party Poker players can now proudly display their feats to other players. You can now earn a variety of achievements include "Collectible," "Milestones" and "Highlight" Achievements. When you earn Achievements, your overall Achievement score will be posted and shown on your profile page for all your friends to see.

Friends: Like to play with your friends or make new friends at the table? The new Friends feature in the Party Poker software now makes it even easier to keep up with your poker playing friends and monitor the status at Party Poker. Like other social networks, Party Poker will even recommend people you might know to add as friends.

Screenshots of the Party Poker Software

New 1-Click Lobby View

New Default Table View

Sign-Up to Party Poker

Like the looks of the new software? We encourage you to check it out, but before you do, make sure you sign-up through YourPokerCash and get your $50 exclusive Free Bankroll. It's easy to qualify, just make a bankroll request through YPC from a verified YPC account. Players with an existing Party Poker account are not eligible.

Players who sign up through YPC will also be treated to Unlimited Bankrolls, which at Party Poker are unlimited $10 Tournament Tickets that you will earn as you play online poker at PartyPoker. The more you play, the more we pay!