FTP Remission Process is Underway

Johnny G - October 01, 2013

The Full Tilt Poker remissions process is finally underway with numerous US players hoping to be paid. Many questions remain, but here’s a look at what has happened so far.

First Phase: Emails

All former US FTP players expected to see an email from the claims administrator, Garden City Group (GCG), in their inboxes starting September 16th with petition and control numbers included. Players could begin filing their petitions on September 18th, but many have reported not receiving the email as promised.

Anyone who has not received the email and believe they are owed money can file a new petition on the FTP claims site.

Taxes and Disputing Balance

Once a player has their petition and control number, they can login by also supplying their Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number. This is so the government can check for any outstanding debt you may owe that would be deducted from your FTP account balance.

After logging in, players can view their balance according to GCG. The balance owed must reflect balances as of April 15th, 2011 and do not include any Full Tilt Points, Iron Man Medals, etc.

If an eligible petitioner does not agree with the balance, they may dispute it by uploading the proper documentation. The GCG has said victims will have multiple chances to dispute if the documentation supplied is not sufficient.

Who is Eligible?

Receiving an email does not mean you are eligible. Past and present Red Pros, affiliates, and FTP employees are excluded.

That is what was known going into the process. However, since emails started rolling in, there have been many concerns and questions on eligibility.

Some affiliates that also played on the site reported seeing balances after logging in. There have also been many players reporting that they have been flagged as affiliates and do not know why. This could be due to certain rakeback deals that, internally, FTP marked as affiliates even though those players never acted a true affiliate.

In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act made it very difficult for US players to deposit money into online poker accounts. However, one of the requirements causing major concern is that you must have made a “deposit” into an FTP account. This mostly affects the players that followed the “Chris Ferguson example” where he built a $100k bankroll starting from freerolls, player-to-player transfers, and even YPC free bankrolls and other promotional means. These players are victims just like the player who made a deposit with his or her credit card.

The deposit requirement is thought to aid in weeding out non-player accounts, but as it stands now, it seems to be weeding out a vast number of legitimate victims, as well.

GCG has not yet addressed these issues. So the answer to the question, “Who is eligible?” is still very much up in the air.


The deadline to submit a petition is Saturday, November 16, 2013.