No Deposit Bonuses for 30 Days

Johnny G - November 13, 2013

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) released an Advisory Bulletin today addressing online bonus offers.

The biggest takeaway here is that don’t expect to see your standard deposit bonuses until at least 30 days after the November 26 launch date.

The Advisory Bulletin in a Nutshell

The DGE is prohibiting any bonus that restricts player funds for at least 30 days. Basically, no “deposit X, get promotional Y after clearing Z.”

Once regulated gaming in New Jersey has some time to work out the kinks and operators of such fund restrictive promos can “demonstrate the ability to generate accurate revenue reports,” we’ll slowly see these deposit bonuses rollout.

Brick & Mortar Type Promos “Acceptable”

The reason behind the wait period is that these kinds of deposit bonuses differ from traditional brick and mortar promos. Nonrestrictive marketing programs, similar to the Welcome Week Freerolls, seem to be fair game right from the get-go.

What this means for the NJ YourPokerCash Mystery Promo…you’ll just have to wait and see!