Tips on Clearing the Bulldog777 $250 Bankroll

Craig K. - January 18, 2012

YourPokerCash recently launched the Bulldog777 $250 Free Bankroll. The bankroll is the largest on YPC but the $10 initial bankroll is smaller than our normal $25 offering. Safely paying with a $10 initial bankroll can present challenges if you wish to avoid losing your $10 initial Bulldog777 bonus.

At YPC, we want to help you succeed, so we’ve put together some tips on how you can maximize the value of your free poker money from Bulldog777 and prevent yourself from going busto. We believe that following the advice below can give you a better chance to grow your bankroll and become a future YourPokerCash VIP.

Tip 1: Choose Your Games Wisely

Tip 1 is by far the most important tip in this guide. If you read only one step in our guide, make sure it is this one: Without question, starting at the right limits and games will give you the best chance of maintaining a healthy bankroll. If you play too high, you will go busto! Don’t know where to start with your $10 bankroll? We have provided a simple cheat sheet to follow based on your game type preference. Some games are better than others, so being flexible can be a key of growing your bankroll early.

BankrollNLHE (Full)NLHE (Short)LHESNGsMTTs
$10 Not Rec.$0.02/$.04 (high risk)$0.02/$0.04 (med risk)$0.11 Freerolls only

See full bankroll management cheat sheet

When you receive a free bankroll it can be tempting to sit down at the highest stakes possible and press your luck. Don’t do this if you want to grow bankroll!

No Limit Hold’em:

If you decide to play No Limit Hold’em, we advise that you have at least 20 buy-ins or 30 short-stack buy-ins at the limit you wish to play. Since the smallest NL tables at Bulldog777 are $0.02/$0.04, this is not possible with a $10 bankroll. The minimum buy-in at $0.02/$0.04 is $1.20 and the full buy-in is $4.00. This means that you need $80 for full buy-ins or $36 when shortstaking for a proper bankroll at the smallest stakes.

We strongly recommend you stick to playing a short-stack (buying in for the minimum) at first. Given the ups and downs of poker, starting with a $10 bankroll at No Limit Hold’em puts you at high risk of going bust before it can be built up. Fortunately, even if you lose your bankroll, you can always replenish by playing freerolls or making a deposit (something we discuss later on in the guide).

Even when playing with a short stack, bankroll management rules say we should approach these games with caution, so at No Limit Hold'em be sure to stick to $0.02/$0.04 until you build your bankroll to about $90. If you continue to be comfortable with short stacking and are holding your own against your opponents, move up to $0.05/$0.10 at this point. If you prefer a full stack, you can confidently buy-in full at $0.02/$0.04 when your bankroll reaches $80.

Limit Hold’em:

Limit Hold'em is a great cash game alternative to No Limit Hold’em at Bulldog777. The game is not as popular as its No Limit counterpart, but there are enough small limit games to test your skills. Playing Limit Hold’em is also less risky than No Limit Hold’em. At these tables, it is recommended to have at least 300 big bets to give yourself the best chance of building your bankroll. The lowest stake levels at Limit Hold’em at Bulldog777 are $0.02/$0.04, which technically mean you should have a $12 bankroll before comfortably playing these limits.

With limited options, playing $0.02/$0.04 is a relatively safe “medium risk” game to play with a $10 bankroll, although you should consider depositing or playing freerolls if you get below $5. You can look at moving up to $0.05/$0.10 when your bankroll is $30 or more.

Sit N Go Tournaments:

Just as with cash games, you also need to practice good bankroll management when playing Sit N Gos and multi-table tournaments. It is recommended to have enough money for 40 Sit N Go buy-ins at the level you wish to play. You can easily calculate the appropriate Sit N Go buy-in level by dividing your bankroll (for example $10) by 40, which comes to $0.25. Bulldog777 offers plentiful $0.11 Sit N Gos that fit nicely within this range.

Because of high buy-in fees, we don’t recommend moving up in stake levels until you can play the $1 Sit N Gos. Consider moving up to these once you have $40.

Multi-Table Tournaments:

Playing multi-table tournaments is not advised with a small bankroll, even with the smallest buy-ins. Multi-table tournament are just too volatile to play with a $10 bankroll. If you get enjoyment out of tournaments, we strongly recommend freerolls or the very rare small-buy-in tournament that is appropriate for your bankroll.

There are many factors to consider when determining your MTT bankroll level, but generally look at around 200x the buy-in size. At Bulldog777, there are not many attractive high value tournaments below the $1 mark (especially compared to the great freerolls Bulldog777 offers) so we recommend waiting until you have a $200 bankroll to buy-in to multi-table tournaments with cash.

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