Building a Poker Bankroll Through Freerolls

John Mehaffey - January 20, 2012

Once you have received your free bankroll from YourPokerCash and start playing you will notice that you are earning points as you play online poker. The points will show up in your poker software’s cashier. Each poker room has different policies on what you can spend your poker point on. Some poker rooms will have a store where merchandise such as logo wear and electronics can be purchased with points. Some poker rooms will have options to trade points in for bonuses. Virtually all online poker rooms will give you the option to buy into freeroll poker tournaments with these points.

Using points for freerolls

Typically points will be tied to the amount of rake that you have paid. The more rake that you pay, the more points that you will earn. While you may have options to trade in your points for other items, freerolls are almost always your best value. We strongly suggest using your points for freerolls to help build your bankroll. We also suggest not using the points until your bankroll runs low. This is because the higher point buyin tournaments will often be better values. They will often have fewer players, increasing your chances of making it into the cash.

To locate a freeroll in a poker room you should first go to the poker room’s tournament lobby. Most poker rooms will have a tournament filter in their tournament lobby. Open the filter and check the boxes next to freerolls and points tournaments. The lobby will only show you tournaments that do not have a buy in but have a prize pool. Some of the freerolls will be satellites to bigger online poker tournaments, while others may be tournaments with a small prize pool.

Freerolls take planning

Make sure that you set aside enough time to play an entire freeroll tournament. These tournaments could take several hours depending on their size. If you are playing in a satellite to a bigger poker tournament make sure that you will be available when that big tournament is scheduled. Some poker rooms will issue you a tournament ticket so that you can buy into a tournament another week in case you are available for the tournament scheduled closest to your satellite. If the poker room does not offer tournament tickets, then you can email the poker room’s support to see if you can get your tournament time moved to the next week.

A few top freerolls

YourPokerCash also offers freerolls to players. Currently we offer freerolls at Party Poker and Carbon Poker. You must sign up for these poker rooms through YourPokerCash to qualify for the freerolls. There is also a play requirement. New players only have to earn one Party Point at Party Poker to qualify for four $3000 freerolls. At Carbon Poker, new players only have to earn one VIP Point to qualify for a $5000 freeroll. Players that qualify for a free bankroll at Bodog will receive six tickets to $100,000 qualifier freerolls. YourPokerCash Bodog players can also buy into $7500 qualifiers for 25 Bodog Points. For 1000 points, players can buy directly into the $7500 freeroll.

Some final tips

These are easy ways to enter tournaments simply by clearing your free bankroll terms. If you play in a tournament with a cash prize pool and win, then it is suggested that you try to play in another tournament with a cash buyin. Most poker rooms will have tournament buyins under $1. If you were good enough to beat out a large freeroll or points buyin tournament, then you should be skilled enough to have a chance to cash in a low buyin tournament.

Freeroll tournaments can give player added value. Many players never spend their points and those that do often do not spend them in the most frugal way. Avoid buying that baseball cap or overpriced bonus in the store and save up your poker points to buy into freerolls to get the best value out of your poker play. Many players have built bankrolls by receiving free poker money from YourPokerCash and participating in freerolls. When you combine this with spending your player points wisely you can grow your bankroll steadily without ever investing a penny of your own money.