What if You Lose Your Free Bankroll?

John Mehaffey - January 25, 2012

You have just suffered a horrendous bad beat on the river. Your pocket aces got cracked by that river straight. Bad beats like this will happen in poker due to variance. The problem is now you are busted at the poker room; your free bankroll is gone. What do you now?

You have a couple of options. If you took a few bad beats at the poker room then it is likely that you are good enough to win there, you just were on the wrong side of variance. If that is the case, you should find a way to make a deposit to the online poker room.

How do you make a deposit to an online poker room?

If you live outside of the U.S. your list of deposit methods is endless. It is likely that your Visa or Mastercard will work at an online poker room. Regional debit cards like Delta, Solo and Switch should also work. If you prefer to have the ability to transfer money from one online poker room to another easily then you should set up an ewallet. An ewallet is an online banking system where you can pay merchants and merchants can pay you. When you send money to a merchant, in this case an online poker room, the money will come out of your ewallet balance. If you do not have a balance at the ewallet the money will come out of your bank account, debit card or credit card. When you win, the online poker room will send the money back to your ewallet where you can move the money to another poker room or transfer it back to your bank account.

Do you qualify for a second bankroll?

If you fulfilled the free bankroll requirements at the online poker room account that you created through YourPokerCash then you will qualify for a second bankroll. The second free bankroll is much easier to apply for than the first one. That is because we have already verified your identity. Since you fulfilled the free bankroll requirement at the first poker room we know that your poker skills are high. YourPokerCash and the online poker room can confidently invest in you as a player, meaning that you can get your hands on more free poker money.

Do you have a lot of poker points?

If you were earning points while you play then you may have another option. Some poker rooms allow players to buy into tournaments using their points. There may also be the option to turn your points into cash. There may also be some freerolls that require a point entry. Make sure to check out the poker room’s policy on player points. The best value is usually using them for tournaments although it is also a higher variance choice.

Variance catches up with even the best online poker players. Whether you decide to give your first poker room a second chance or try out a new one, always play within your bankroll.