Free Bankroll Advice

John Mehaffey - April 10, 2012

Believe it or not, there are ways to play free poker online. That is exactly what YourPokerCash does. We give you free online poker money just for signing up for a poker room through us. Free poker money may sound too good to be true, so let me explain how it works.

There are hundreds of online poker rooms out there. All of these online poker rooms compete against each other for players. Some poker rooms have gotten creative and now think outside of the box on how to attract players to their online poker rooms. One of these ways is to give players a free poker bankroll.

Free bankrolls are given to new players by our partners. The free bankroll starts out small. The first deposit into your poker account is typically $25. Once you have proven that you are a winner, you will release more of the bonus. The longer you are able to play off of your free bankroll, the more free money the poker rooms will give you. This is because while you are playing poker, you are generating action for their poker room that attracts even more players. The more you play at the poker tables, the more action that you create. The more action that you create, the more rake the poker room makes.

Your free poker bankroll clearing requirements are tied to the amount of rake that you generate. This means that the poker room does not lose anything by offering you free money to try out their poker room. This assumes that you are able to play through your entire bonus and do not go bust first.

When you first get your free bankroll try out the lowest limits available at the poker room first. These limits will typically be $.02/.04. This will help you get familiar with the software. Each poker room has unique software so even if you have played online poker before, it is still best to start out slow so that you can get used to the new software. Once you have gotten used to the poker room’s software, it is time to get serious.

Play the lowest limits possible at first. You can play more than one table if you feel that it does not affect your play. This will help you clear your bonus faster. If you are breaking even stick with that limit. That is because even if you are not winning, you are working towards your next bonus tier. If you find that you are winning over several thousand hands, it is time to move up in limits.

Always keep in mind that there is no shame in dropping back down in limits if you fall below your initial free poker bankroll. If you go bust, you can always make a deposit to help clear the rest of your bonus. In many cases, a deposit will add even more bonus opportunities to your account.

Another great way to receive free poker money is to play in freerolls. YourPokerCash offers freerolls at some poker rooms, and most poker rooms have some sort of daily or weekly freeroll tournament. A freeroll is a tournament where there is a prize, but entry is free. Playing in freerolls will also help with developing poker skills which can help you win more money.

Some of our partners offer casino games. One of the biggest mistakes some of our players make is playing these casino games with their free bankrolls. Do not make that mistake. If you play casino games with your bankroll you are very likely to go broke. If you go broke playing casino games, you will not be able to qualify for future YourPokerCash free bankrolls. Most poker rooms that offer casino games will block access to the games if you email support and request it. If you feel the games will be a temptation, we strongly suggest having the poker room block you from playing them.