Tips on Clearing the Party Poker $50 Bankroll

Craig Klinski - April 13, 2012

One of our most popular free bankroll offers at YPC is from none other than Party Poker, one of the world's largest and most recognizable online poker rooms. The $50 bankroll, while one of our smaller offerings, is particular attractive to players not only for the size of the site but for the vast game and freeroll options on the poker room, allowing players to more easily build their bankroll.

Our number one goal at YPC is make sure that you have fun with your bankroll and that you succeed as a poker player, if that is your desire. Because of this, we have gathered some helpful tips on how you can maximize your free poker money to make it last longer -- or grow it forever into a steady income.

The tips below are specific to your $50 YPC bankroll at Party Poker.

Tip 1: Choose Your Games Wisely

If you take notice of one tip, let it be this one. There is nothing worse for your bankroll than sitting down at stakes that are too high for your bankroll. Even the best players in the world can't survive the swings when they are underfunded for the stakes that they are playing!

Many newer players have difficulty determining the correct stakes to play. YPC has went through the effort of providing you a bankroll guide so you don't have to. It looks a bit like this, with the full guide being available on Page 3.

We've all been there -- you get your bankroll and you want to build it up and you want to do it fast! We suggest resisting that temptation by playing at stakes within your means. Your bankroll will most likely thank you.

Party Poker Bankroll Cheatsheet
BankrollSNGsMTTsLHENLHE (Full Buy-in)NLHE (SS)
$25 $1 (high risk)Not Rec.$0.02/$0.04 $0.01/$0.02 (med risk)$0.02/$0.04

See full bankroll management cheat sheet

No Limit Hold’em:

No Limit Hold'em is still the most popular online poker game today. In some cases, playing at No Limit Hold'em is difficult with a small bankroll. Fortunately at Party Poker, they offer the smallest stakes possible -- $0.01/$0.02 tables. These limits are a great choice to start playing with your Party Poker bankroll. Not only are these safe limits to play, but the competition is likely to be very beatable.

In ideal situations, it is recommended to have 20 full buy-ins or 30 short stack buy-ins when playing No Limit Hold'em. When playing with a small bankroll, you can make some reasonable adjustments, however. Most of the time you will be ok when making minor adjustements if you are a solid player, but note the chance of busting goes up the further away from these guidelines you deviate.

YPC recommends you stick with $0.01/$0.02 until you reach at least $60, at which point $0.02/$0.04 becomes a reasonable medium-risk option. If you want to stick with a conservative approach, move up at $80.

Limit Hold’em:

Limit Hold'em used to be the game of choice for online poker players. Now that No Limit Hold'em has took over as the preferred game, there are far less games available on many sites. However, at Party Poker players can still find plentiful action at most limits. The lowest stakes offered are $0.02/$0.04, which is a great option to sit down with your $25 bankroll and well within the generally accepted bankroll requirements of 300 big bets.

Make a deposit or play freerolls when you get down to $5 or $10 and move up from $0.01/$0.02 when you have reached $30 or more, assuming you are comfortable with the competition.

Sit N Go Tournaments:

Unfortunately, at Party Poker Sit N Gos start with $1 buy-ins. Generally, it is recommended you start with at least 40 buy-ins when playing Sit N Gos. Because the minimum buy-in is $1, you will need $40 to play comfortably at Sit N Gos. We suggest only playing Sit N Gos when you have moved up to $40 or are comfortable making a deposit if/when your bankroll has been depleted.

Multi-Table Tournaments:

Multi-table tournaments are a higher variance form of Sit N Gos. Instead of needing 40 buy-ins, it is recommended you have at least 200 buy-ins of whatever type of tournament you wish to play to handle the ups and downs that will surely come your way.

Like Sit N Gos, Party Poker only offers $1 buy-ins and up for their tournaments. If you are concerned about maintaining your bankroll we don't recommend playing many $1 tournaments unless you have a bankroll of $200 or more.

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