Rebuilding Your Bankroll

John Mehaffey - December 24, 2012

It happens to the best of us. You got all in on your last cash game buyin or tournament when you knew you would double up and your opponent rivered a flush to bust you. It is a terrible feeling but it is not the end of the world. There are many ways to recover from this unexpected situation.

If you met the requirements of your last free bankroll from YourPokerCash then you can request a no deposit bonus at a different poker room offered by YPC. This is only available to players that met the point requirement at their last free bankroll poker room. If you did not meet the requirement at your last free bankroll request there are still some options.


While you played real money games at your favorite YourPokerCash poker room you earn player points. These player points have a value. They may be used to enter freerolls. Some of these freerolls offer cash prizes, while others pay winners with entries into other tournaments. These tournament entries are often in the form of tickets to large guaranteed prize pool events. Cashing in these events will reward players with chips that can be played with immediately at real money tables or offer the chance for a huge score in the weekly tournaments with five figure prize pools. Make sure to save your player points and not waste them. They may come in handy when you hit a bad stretch of variance.

If you did not earn enough points to enter freerolls there are still options. Some freerolls have no requirements for entry. They are available to all players. These tournaments will have large fields of players but they are a great chance to improve your skills against players trying to win a few dollars to get back in the game. If you fail to cash in these freerolls do not get discouraged. The fields are large and every time you play in one of these freerolls you will learn a little more about playing No Limit Texas Hold’em.

Make a Deposit

If you are anything like me then you will not have the patience for waiting for the next big freeroll score. While patience is important for online poker, some players will not want to ride out the variance for their next freeroll win. If you are this type of player then the solution is to make a deposit.

There are a lot of reasons to make a deposit. Many poker rooms will offer you a bonus if you have never made a deposit. This bonus will release while you play cash games or tournaments. This will give you some extra cash going forward. Many online poker rooms will also offer players that make a deposit an entry into exclusive freerolls that are available only to players that have made a deposit that week. Some are exclusive new player freerolls, while others are open to all players that deposited. The benefits of these tournaments include small player pools and new, possibly inexperienced players. These freerolls can be great for rebuilding a bankroll and new depositors may receive entry into multiple tournaments during the week. The fields are often soft in these tournaments.

Review Poker Room Promotions

Make sure to pay attention to the poker room’s promotions page for reload bonus and depositor freeroll information. Many of these promotions can be claimed with a deposit as low as $10 and all are available to players that deposit $25 or more. There are many ways to deposit into an online poker room. These include ewallets, cash transfers, bank transfers and credit cards.

Do not stress if you busted your bankroll. There are many ways to get back into the game. You do not have to quit the exciting world of online poker simply because you ran badly.