Free Poker Bankroll Terms

John Mehaffey - January 13, 2013

We get a lot of questions about the terminology used in the free bankroll business. It can be difficult for a new player to understand some of these terms. We hope that these definitions will help players with the terms related to free bankrolls and no deposit bonuses.

Available Countries – All free bankroll offers have country restrictions. An online poker room often uses free bankrolls to attract players from a certain region. They may restrict players from some countries because they do not service the country, already have saturated that country’s market or have had trouble with fraud in that country. The list of countries may change so it is important to check the YourPokerCash free bankroll offers and blog often.

Bonus – A bonus is often given to a player when making their first deposit. Most online poker rooms will give a deposit bonus to any player on their first deposit even if they received a free bankroll first. A deposit bonus has clearing requirements that are often tied to the amount of rake paid and are often released in increments of $5 or $10. Bonuses usually expire after 60, 90 or 120 days.

Cashout – A cashout is when you receive the money that you won from an online poker room. You cannot immediately cashout your free bankroll or winnings. You must first meet a play requirement first. Once you meet that play requirement then you are able to request a withdrawal, also known as a cashout, from the online poker room.

Deposit – A deposit is made with the player’s money through an ewallet, bank transfer, cash transfer, credit card or debut card. A deposit adds to the player’s balance and may be played immediately.

Free Bankroll – A free bankroll is a bankroll that is offered by YourPokerCash partner online poker rooms. The player receives a deposit into their account at the poker room and may play immediately. The free bankroll may be withdrawn after meeting several conditions. These require that a player is new to the poker room.

Initial Bankroll – This is the amount of money that is deposited into a player’s account at first. There is no requirement to receiving this bankroll once the player has passed a verification process.

Minimum Activity Requirement – Players that request a second bankroll must meet the bankroll requirements of their first bankroll before it can be approved. This minimum activity requirement is similar to the cashout requirement.

Pending Bankroll – The initial bankroll is paid immediately, while a pending bankroll has a requirement that must be met to release it. The pending bankroll may be earned through meeting a certain point requirement. This can be done with the initial bankroll or by making a deposit if you lose the initial bankroll. Think of it as a bankroll bonus for playing.

Pending Bonus Expiry Time – This is the amount of time that a bonus is active. A player that clears a bonus will receive a portion of the bonus in increments while they play. If the player fails to clear the entire bonus in the given timeframe, typically 60, 90 or 120 days, then the amount that they did not clear expires and they will no longer be eligible for it. Any bonus already cleared and paid will remain in the player’s account.